• 易建联将于四月初赴美进行特训

    Harry said nothing. He threw his wand down on to his bedside table, pulled off his robes, stuffed them angrily into his trunk and pulled on his pyjamas. He was sick of it: sick of being the person who is stared at and talked about all the time. If any of them knew, if any of them had the faintest idea what it felt like to be the one all these things had happened to . . . Mrs Finnigan had no idea, the stupid woman, he thought savagely.

  • 曝国米将与切尔西大巴黎争夺利希施泰纳

    'Couldn't you tell she wanted to talk to Harry on her own?'

  • 法足协主席:国家队没有针对本泽马

    A fine misty drizzle was falling, so that the people standing in huddles around the edges of the yard looked blurred at the edges. Harry, Ron and Hermione chose a secluded corner under a heavily dripping balcony, turning up the collars of their robes against the chilly September air and talking about what Snape was likely to set them in the first lesson of the year. They had got as far as agreeing that it was likely to be something extremely difficult, just to catch them off guard after a two-month holiday, when someone walked around the corner towards them.

  • 新疆女篮:总决赛放开打放手拼

    'Oh, come on, half the people you see wearing those badges only bought them last season - '

  • 新秀进攻截锋唐西尔劝说海豚让其担任近端锋

    'Fair point, little bro,' said Fred, scanning the column. 'You can have a bit of Nosebleed Nougat cheap if you like.'

  • 曝恒大欲效仿曼城?或收购英超与美国俱乐部

    'Look what we've got today,' said Ron grumpily, shoving his timetable under Fred's nose. 'That's the worst Monday I've ever seen.'

  • 杜兰特妈妈:为大家表现感到骄傲

    'I think Dumbledore's probably got plenty of evidence, even if he doesn't share it with you, Ron,' snapped Hermione.