• 比尔外接手沃特金斯无法确定能否参加训练营

    With a great jangling and clattering a lift descended in front of them; the golden grille slid back and Harry and Mr Weasley stepped into the lift with the rest of the crowd and Harry found himself jammed against the back wall. Several witches and wizards were looking at him curiously; he stared at his feet to avoid catching anyone's eye, flattening his fringe as he did so. The grilles slid shut with a crash and the lift ascended slowly, chains rattling, while the same cool female voice Harry had heard in the telephone box rang out again.

  • 欧洲杯英俄开赛前夕两国球迷大打出手

    'Witness for the defence, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore,' said a quiet voice from behind Harry, who turned his head so fast he cricked his neck.

  • 比尔-沃顿晒儿子萌照,祝贺他担任湖人主帅

    'Right,' said Harry. 'Well . . . see you later then.'

  • 比比大长腿!女篮队长晒靓照

    There was a click and a rattle, and Harry saw something slide out of the metal chute where returned coins usually appeared. He picked it up: it was a square silver badge with Harry Potter, Disciplinary Hearing on it. He pinned it to the front of his T-shirt as the female voice spoke again.

  • 欧洲杯-别列祖斯基补时破门 俄罗斯1-1战平英格兰

    'Ah,' said Fudge, who looked thoroughly disconcerted. 'Dumbledore. Yes. You - er - got our - er - message that the time and - er - place of the hearing had been changed, then?'

  • 曾令旭与富兰克林“相约”美国

    'It is not for you to decide what the Ministry of Magic does or does not do, Dumbledore!' snapped Fudge, now a shade of magenta of which Uncle Vernon would have been proud.

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    'You don't normally walk to work, do you?' Harry asked him, as they set off briskly around the square.